Stubborn Runner

For the past few months I have been injury free and on cloud 9. I have been able to run whenever I want and however far I want without any inconvenient pain. And then Saturday happened. I was a little sore Saturday morning before my 5k but I blamed the soreness on CrossFit the day… Continue reading Stubborn Runner

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Mobility Monday

My life over the last few months has included a lot of stretching, foam rolling, icing, and mobility exercises. It is something that I am now used to doing and I try to make sure I do it every day. Sometimes I forget or get rather lazy but for the most part, I get it… Continue reading Mobility Monday

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Top 5 Tuesday: Mobility

I had this great post for last Tuesday and then it became Wednesday and I am sick of posting Top 5 Tuesday posts on Wednesday so I forced myself to wait until today to post about mobility and running. One thing I have definitely learned this year in regard to my injuries and my new… Continue reading Top 5 Tuesday: Mobility