Friday Fun: Favorites

Happy Friday friends and happy Memorial Day Weekend! Here is a fun survey to start off your weekend. Thank Presley @ Run Pretty because she always has the best ones!

Name your Favorite…

Person- My mommadukes!

photo 1(80)

Color – Green

Food – Umm… I cannot choose one. Tacos, Pizza, churros, pork roll, french toast….You said favoriteS right?


Smell – This is weird but I am going to say it anyway. I was at a Secrets Resort in Mexico last week and they have this amazing smell in the main building/lobby. I don’t even know how to describe it but it just made me happy.

Book – The Great Gatsby. Forever and always. I read it at least once a year.

Movie – Hook. Fo sho.

Song –  At the moment, it is Pursuit of Happiness. This was the song of our Mexico trip. 🙂 And yes, I listen to it at 7am on my way to work in the morning.

photo 4

Time of day – 430pm… when I leave work.

Day of the week – Saturday. I have the entire day off and don’t have to worry about work the next day either.

Thing to do when bored – Watch TV, play Candy Crush (yup, I still play Candy Crush), eat. Duh.

Celebrity – Anna Kendrick. She is hilarious and I want to be her best friend.

Oh yeah, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Drink – Monster Rehab Rojo.. give me 3 please.

TV show – Just finished the 2nd season of House of Cards and I am OBSESSED! And will you make fun of me if I say Hart of Dixie?

Fruit – Hmmmm.. this is hard. I try not to discriminate against any food. But I’ll narrow it down to melons… watermelon, honey dew melon. Ya catch my drift?

Vegetable – Cucumbers.

Store/shop – Depends on the type of store. These are just getting too hard. I love to shop.

Workout – CrossFit, duh. Add running to that CrossFit workout and I am sold.

photo 5(2)

Quote  – “You can’t start a fire without a spark.”- Yes, I just quoted Bruce Springsteen.

Boy’s name  – Henry

Girl’s name – Grace… My children are going to be from English royalty, obvi.

Potato chip flavor – Salt & Vinegar or Dill Pickle.

Meal of the day – What is a meal? I eat all day long.

Ice cream flavor – Soft Serve Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles in a cake cone. None of this froyo, custard, cold stone BS. I just want old school soft serve please.


Season – Summer. I am a beach girl.

Dessert – I will eat ANYTHING sweet but I will fight you for Key Lime Pie or Churros

Your turn! Post to your blog or answer your favorite “favorite” questions in the comments!

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3 Responses to Friday Fun: Favorites

  1. I went on my honeymoon at the Secrets Capri in the Riviera Maya!

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  3. Lauren says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with vanilla software and rainbow sprinkles. Although I call them jimmies (the jersey in me I think). I like froyo but it’s not the same!

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